KAS Mains Weekend Coaching in Bangalore ( 2017 )

If you’ve cleared KPSC Prelims and are qualified to write KAS Mains then you can consider attending KAS Mains weekend coaching conducted by AmbitionIAS.

Classes will be held in Bangalore.

All GS 4 papers will be covered.

You can attend one of their demo class to check if it’ll suit you.

Working professionals who have time mostly on weekends can attend this class.  Classes will be conducted on other general holidays as well. Also, due to paucity of time, the classes will be from morning till late evening on weekends.

To get more information, please call Gautam @ 9886333915 or visit their website : AmbitionIAS.com KAS weekend coaching for working professionals.

Contact Person : Gautam

Contact Name: 9886333915

UPSC Extra Attempt

Those who are in Hurry – Sign the petition here

A sea of changes were introduced by UPSC in Civil Services Examination (CSE) in 2011, in the form of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

CSAT was beneficial for ‘city bred’ urban candidates, where as most of Tier 2 / Tier 3 city students were at a huge disadvantage – statistics say so. True is the case for students from Humanities background – again statistics say so.

CSAT marks were included while calculating the cut-off between 2012 – 2014 and from 2015 CSAT was made qualifying. You need to get 1/3rd in Paper 2 (CSAT) to qualify and a candidates Paper 1 score only will be considered to check if a candidate has qualified for Civil Services Mains.

This is a welcome move, however, what about all those candidates who lost an opportunity between 2012 – 2014, because CSAT’s marks were included in cut-off ? (I personally know, atleast 3 candidates who scored 170+ in paper two and got less than 60 – 70 in paper 1 and have cleared prelims).

There’s a new movement now, to get justice for candidates who lost an opportunity between 2012-2014 because of CSAT.

If you ask me, it’s a fair demand – One or at the max Two extra attempts, and consequential age relaxation, for candidates who’ve appeared for exams between 2012-2014.

If you too feel they deserve another chance, please sign the petition here : https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-of-india-grant-of-a-compensatory-attempt-to-all-aspirants-of-civil-service-exam-in-2018

18th July Update from CSE Justice Team :

“Today we went to meet ravish Kumar, NDTV. We were waiting for our one friend near bus stop outside his office when one of us- apoorv noticed ravish Kumar coming out of his car and talking to his camera team. When he was entering into the building Aashish approached him and started telling about our issue.

Actually we had tried to approach him yesterday also but he told us to WhatsApp the matter to him but we thought it is better to personally explain the issue to him.

Today he was slightly disturbed. He told us our reality. He said you are only three people who want attempt. We said affected students are in lakhs. He said then where are they? He can’t cover or study an issue in which only 3 students are involved.

Aashish, hats off to him, handled the situation very well. He explained to him that it is not possible for everyone to come to Delhi. Sir you himself covered the news when ikhlakh was lynched, he was also the single person. He said bring 20,000 outside my office I will cover your issue, Aashish replied sir if that would be the case then why would we approach you…….. Aashish said sir please take our petition and other documents, if you think our issue is not genuine then through them into the dustbin…

Ultimately he took our documents, talked or perhaps debated with us for 15 minutes when initially he was saying he will not even give 2 minutes :), a small crowd gathered around us, ravish sir was literally scolding us, he seemed to be very angry over some other issue but later we realized he was testing us,,,,,,, we came out of the building and were moving when we noticed someone was saying ‘ are phone number to de do’ we turned back and the person was ravish ji himself, salute to his simplicity.

He also told us very genuine thing- if someone had taken my job then I would have burned the government, how is it possible that lakhs of students are affected but not even a fraction of them coming to the ground 🙁

24 ko kuch achha karo tab tumhara issue uthaunga.

Besides we have met two more MPs today. Tomorrow is also a very busy day.

We will update you ASAP. You please take rest in your homes and play WhatsApp/Facebook.

24th of July is our deadline. We have no regrets. When have at least tried.

All the best.”


Impact of Ranking by Deleting Posts by Mistake in WordPress

Recently we were cleaning up our blog – TechBuzz . TechBuzz was started in 2007 and has been a pet project since then.

In between, the blog was filled up with – not so important – content, which was irrelevant now (old or technology was outdated), written just for the sake of it and a few were – rants :).

Content Clean Up

I decided to ‘clean’ up the content and keep, as much as possible, relevant and updated information on the blog.

What I did

This is what I did :

  1. Went through old posts which I felt were unnecessary. This was really a tough task and boring too. (Haven’t completed this task, and will gradually do it, as and when I find time)
  2. Logged into Google Analytics and made a list of all those posts, which have got less than 10 page-views and exported them to an excel-sheet.
  3. Logged into TechBuzz as admin and deleted the posts that were in the excel-sheet.

What Went Wrong

This is where few things went wrong. While deleting, I somehow managed to get a few good performing posts deleted (can add myself to Indian Superheros list here).  Some of them which were deleted by mistake are :

Resuming indexing services in windows,  Solve WhatsApp stuck at initializing problem and if you have iPhone – use multiple instances of WhatsApp, play a prank on your friends by flipping their windows screen, find and trace vehicle numbers and details.

If teamviewer commercial use is suspected then you have an option to reinstall teamviewer after trial has expired and you can get your teamviewer partners password.

These changes were made last week – somewhere between March 2nd, 2017 and March 4th, 2017. I was too involved in learning about Home Automaton in India at Internet of Everything Event.

Impact of Deleting WordPress Posts by Mistake

Cleaning up unnecessary post will have a long term, hopefully positive, effect. I hope for positive results because, we are making our blog more relevant, and ‘present’ in terms of data.

However, deleting posts that were performing well, has resulted in loss of traffic. Some of the posts mentioned above were deindexed in a matter of 2 –  3 days after deleting them (by mistake).

Lesson to be learnt here is that, we need to be extra cautious while deleting the data, and ensure we do not scrap good posts.

Way Forward

For time being, I’ve restored all the posts. As I was unsure, which posts had brought the traffic down, first off, I restored all the posts.

Now, I have a fair idea, which were the posts that were pulled down, due to which traffic went down (Google Analytics helped me get this data by doing a simple comparison with relative period last week), I’m hoping that these posts will be re-indexed as soon as I can hope.

I’ll make a list of posts that need to be deleted, and will delete each one of them gradually. Though it’s a time consuming process, I’m sure that it’s well worth the time spent.

Do share your experiences, if any in similar conditions and how you were able to solve the issue.

Home Automation in India

Home Automation

Home Automation, is still fairly a new concept in India, mainly because of less awareness about it in general public, and also because of it’s high pricing.

Those who experiment with it are mostly techies, and / or the not so ‘aam janta’ from the upper middle class. However, this is set to change in the coming days with increasing competition in this niche, which will force price competition and the ‘aam janta’ will benefit from it.

IoTShow.in – IOT event in Bangalore(2017)

IoT and Home Automation will change your lives, by making our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.

So far, hadn’t felt the need for Home Automation (as I live in a rented space), and hence it really doesn’t make sense for me to invest in it, and hence hadn’t looked into available options. However, when I met Sanath and his co-founder partner (can’t recall his name), at IoT event in Bangalore (02 – 04 March, 2017), I was really impressed by their Home Automation products.

I plan to implement some of Sanaths products at home, and review them.

Home Automation in India

In coming days, I’ll review other home automation products currently available in market and hopefully help buyers make informed choice (it’s quite an investment and you’d not want to make a wrong choice 🙂 ).

Stay tuned to this space (book mark this page for future reference).

Feel free to drop a message if you are looking for Home Automation solutions in India, and I’ll be able to help you with info I’ve gathered over time.

Download Nine (9) Men’s Morris Game App for Android Phones

Nine Men’s Morris App for Android

Nine Men's Morris
Nine Men’s Morris Android App

Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy board game for two players dating at least to the Roman Empire. The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game, Merels, Merrills, Merelles, Marelles, Morelles and Ninepenny Marl in English. The game has also been called Cowboy Checkers and is sometimes printed on the back of checkerboards. Nine Men’s Morris is a solved game in which either player can force the game into a draw.

Three main variants of Nine Men’s Morris are Three-, Six- and Twelve-Men’s Morris.

Download Nine Men’s Morris App from Google Play store.

Make Money Free Android Apps

I’ve always been curious to learn how Free Android Apps make money and what is the incentive for developers to write free apps and distribute them.

There could be various reasons why people write apps, some of them are :

  1. Some want to develop apps to provide solution to problems they have faced,
  2. Some developers purely write to showcase or hone their skills. They’d be working on improving their coding skills.
  3. But, most of them would like to work on Apps for one single reason, i.e, Make Money !

When we have some development skills, and can get a few apps developed, why not experiment how to promote, market it. Not sure where this is going to end. I’ll document everything here in this single page. Will try to give weekly or Bi-weekly updates.

Stay tuned !

This is how the journey started :

Do Free Android Apps Make Money – If They Do, How Much Do They Make ?

I researched online to see if Android Apps were actually making money. Few articles spoke about how much apps hypothetically make. I wasn’t interested in them. I wanted real life examples.

That’s when Quora came to my help. Must say, a brilliant forum where people share their examples. These are some of the links which I went through and got a rough idea of how much free android apps make.

If you are from India, this is how much roughly you can make :

For every 1000 active installs, you should make $ 0.70 – $ 1.00 / day.

However, this number varies significantly for different types of apps. For example, Games make a lot of money. I’m assuming it is because a game app is opened for a really long time and ads are shown for a longer period (this is my assumption, I haven’t researched it yet. I’ll do so and update this post later).

I saw a lot of guys were making music player apps. I’m sure Ankit Srivastava is their inspiration. And, why not, he’s someone who’s walked the path. Please read about Ankit and his success story here :

Ankits Blog Post

And yeah he’s featured on YourStory too 🙂


I’m convinced that Free Android Apps make Money, But where do I start ?

Ankit’s blog is a great place start. As he says, you don’t have to wait for a million dollar idea.

You have to choose a product which has considerable market, and then develop a product that’ll solve a problem or is a utility that everyone needs or just any app that people would use.

So, I zeroed in on two apps to begin with.

Why did I choose these two Apps ?

There’s no specific reason why I chose them.

Games are easy to develop. And I wanted to roll out something very quick into the market, and this was something I could think off 😀 . Also this post is convincing enough who’s contemplating why game apps.

  1. Align It Board Game (Please download the game and help me improve the app, thanks in advance), a game based on Nine Men’s Morris and Twelve Men’s Morris is my first attempt towards Apps.
  2. My second app I’m currently working on is the Music Player App. Honestly, I decided to work on Music Player because Ankit found success, his story appeals and yeah, there are a lot of people who listen to music. I personally feel this is a good area to begin my journey.

Next what ?

I published my first app ‘Align it Board Game’ on 18th January, 2017. Now the game is to wait and watch. This will be a long journey.

I’ll document everything I do.

Mp3 Music Player App for Android

With so many music player apps  available on PlayStore for Android, it’s confusing and challenging task to find that one best free Android MP3 Music Player App which suits us best.

This post is an attempt to analyze them all and find the best of the lot. There’s no one size fits all, as different people will have different requirements. Hence, it’s justifiable to list the music players based on different criteria – number of downloads, design, ease of use etc,.

To begin with, let us hear from you guys, which is your favorite music player app ?

WhatsApp Group for Current Affairs for IAS / IBPS / UPSC

If you are planning to compete for any competitive examinations, then you definitely know the importance of ‘Current Affairs‘. Most of the exams these days rely heavily on ‘Current Affairs‘, especially more so in the preliminary examination.

Preparing current affairs on a daily basis is extremely tedious and time consuming task. Life would be lot more easier if someone compiles current affairs for you, and you can concentrate on other important areas of examination such as Mathematics, Logical reasoning, English, etc,.

AmbitionIAS.com is set to help aspirants in this regards. They send daily current affairs to your WhatsApp, once you register with them.

You can register with ‘Ambition IAS’ and get daily current affairs. Steps to subscribe to WhatsApp goup is:

  1. Add their number ‘9886333552‘ and name it ‘Ambition IAS‘ in your phone list.
  2. Send a message to them on WhatsApp in the following format:
    • Name : <Your Name>
    • Exam : <UPSC / IAS / IBPS>
    • State : <Your State>
  3. They will send a confirmation message once you are added to the list.

PS: Please note, they can send updates only to those students who saved their number in their phone. If you haven’t saved their number, you’ll not get updates from them.

Save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome

Sometimes, I have to save webpages in order to retrieve information or for viewing at a later date. However, the webpages get saved in .html format which is not the best format to view later. A PDF option is better because it is easier to use. Learn how to save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome.

webpage to pdf

Save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome – How To

Open the webpage you want to save. Let it load completely.

Once the webpage has finished loading, press ctrl+p (command+p in Mac).

The print options menu will appear on your screen. You can setup your pdf according to your preferred choice for saving. (destination, pages etc)

Simplify your page options via the Simplify page options tab. (You can choose to remove all distractions from your webpage)

Click on save and the entire webpage will be saved as a pdf.

That’s it! That is how your save the webpage from Google Chrome (or any other web browser) in PDF format. Use a pdf reader software such as Foxit or Adobe reader for viewing your pdf files.

Safari runs slow on iOS10 – Fix

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo – Fix

Have you ever had a situation when your iPhone got stuck while booting up and stayed at the Apple logo? It give me a chill to even think of something like that happening. This issue is common for users who have tried to jailbreak their iPhones. If you are restoring date on your iPhone or trying to update, this issue can happen, infrequently of course. Learn how to fix the issue of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - Fix_2

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo – Fix

  • Connect the phone to your computer via a usb cable. Put your phone in DFU mode.
    • To put your phone in DFU mode, do the following.
    • Press and hold Home & Power button for 10 seconds.
    • Release the power button, but continue holding the Home button down.
    • You will enter DFU mode. A iTunes popup will confirm the same.
    • Restore your iPhone. If you have not backed up your data, then it is very likely that you will lose all the data.
  • To avoid this from happening, you can use some tools like Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix the issue.
    • Download and open Tenorshare ReiBoot.
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
    • Select ‘Exit Recovery Mode’
    • While this fix is meant to get your iPhone out of the recovery mode loop, there have been instances where the iPhone stuck on Apple logo has been fixed.

iPhone Hacks You Should Know

Those are the methods that you can use to fix the issue. Do you know of any more? Let us know in the comments below.

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo - Fix