UPSC Extra Attempt

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A sea of changes were introduced by UPSC in Civil Services Examination (CSE) in 2011, in the form of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

CSAT was beneficial for ‘city bred’ urban candidates, where as most of Tier 2 / Tier 3 city students were at a huge disadvantage – statistics say so. True is the […] Continue Reading…

Impact of Ranking by Deleting Posts by Mistake in WordPress

Recently we were cleaning up our blog – TechBuzz . TechBuzz was started in 2007 and has been a pet project since then.

In between, the blog was filled up with – not so important – content, which was irrelevant now (old or technology was outdated), written just for the sake of it and a few were – rants :).

Content Clean Up

I decided to ‘clean’ […] Continue Reading…

Home Automation in India

Home Automation
Home Automation, is still fairly a new concept in India, mainly because of less awareness about it in general public, and also because of it’s high pricing.

Those who experiment with it are mostly techies, and / or the not so ‘aam janta’ from the upper middle class. However, this is set to change in the coming days with increasing competition in this niche, which […] Continue Reading…

Make Money Free Android Apps

I’ve always been curious to learn how Free Android Apps make money and what is the incentive for developers to write free apps and distribute them.

There could be various reasons why people write apps, some of them are :

Some want to develop apps to provide solution to problems they have faced,
Some developers purely write to showcase or hone their skills. They’d […] Continue Reading…

Mp3 Music Player App for Android

With so many music player apps  available on PlayStore for Android, it’s confusing and challenging task to find that one best free Android MP3 Music Player App which suits us best.

This post is an attempt to analyze them all and find the best of the lot. There’s no one size fits all, as different people will have different requirements. Hence, it’s justifiable to list […] Continue Reading…

WhatsApp Group for Current Affairs for IAS / IBPS / UPSC

If you are planning to compete for any competitive examinations, then you definitely know the importance of ‘Current Affairs’. Most of the exams these days rely heavily on ‘Current Affairs’, especially more so in the preliminary examination.

Preparing current affairs on a daily basis is extremely tedious and time consuming task. Life would be lot more easier if someone compiles current affairs for you, and you […] Continue Reading…

Save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome

Sometimes, I have to save webpages in order to retrieve information or for viewing at a later date. However, the webpages get saved in .html format which is not the best format to view later. A PDF option is better because it is easier to use. Learn how to save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome.

Save webpage to PDF in Google Chrome – How To
Open the […] Continue Reading…

iPhone stuck on Apple Logo – Fix

Have you ever had a situation when your iPhone got stuck while booting up and stayed at the Apple logo? It give me a chill to even think of something like that happening. This issue is common for users who have tried to jailbreak their iPhones. If you are restoring date on your iPhone or trying to update, this issue can happen, infrequently […] Continue Reading…