“Guide For IT Pros For Microsoft Office Apps” An eBook Is Available To Download

The Microsoft Office app is the online tool to supports word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint, which enables users to instant access, view and edit the files online from personal computer or phones. This office online app is present for the users via windows live and to business professionals with Microsoft 2010 version licensing and documents management solutions.

In order to expedite the usage of this application amidst business professionals on Microsoft shared point 2010, Microsoft launched “Guide for IT Pros for Microsoft office apps” an eBook in PDF, DOC and XPS format.


 The “Guide for IT for Microsoft office apps” is basically aimed to the professionals of IT sectors who use Microsoft apps on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The content of this eBook is the copy of office web technical library contents.

Contents in this eBook are following
• Understanding the office web apps.
• Planning the office web apps
• Deploy the office web apps
• Broadcast slide show of PowerPoint
• Understanding the broadcast slide show. (Office Web Apps)
• Planning the broadcast slide show. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the broadcast site. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the broadcast slide show performance. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the group policy settings. (Broadcast Slide Show)
• Manage and organize office web apps
• Activate office web apps feature on the site collection
• Manage office web apps cache
• Configure the open behavior for browser-enabled documents. (Office Web Apps)
• Configure the PowerPoint service application setting
• Configure the word viewing service application settings
• Configure the excel services settings. (Office Web Apps)
• Technical references. (Office Web Apps)
• Windows PowerShell for office web apps
• Excel web apps cmdlets. (Office Web Apps)
• Office web apps cmdlets
• System center operation managers related knowledge articles. (Office Web Apps)
• Merge failure high
This eBook is available to free download without any registration or signup. You can download this eBook in three formats such as PDF, XPS, and DOC.

Doc Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.doc
PDF Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.pdf
XPS Format: OfficeWebAppsAll.XPS


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