1> Lifeograph

This one is my favorite (and the one I use personally!). It has all the neat features I want and it’s dead simple to use. You can create multiple diaries, they can be encrypted/unencrypted, entries can viewed by clicking on dates in the calender or from the list shown right next to it. You can format your text, search within your entries and the coolest part, this application knows how important privacy is to you and has a feature that logs off after sometime when the application is left idle.



2> Almanah

My second favorite, I used it previously, it isn’t too shabby but it doesn’t have password protection (of course that can be easily fixed if you set up your screen locking on your desktop). This tiny application allows you to insert pictures, link between entries and format your text.


3> RedNotebook

Ok I admit I didn’t use this one….not for more than 10 seconds. The layout completely turned me off, but that’s because am a full timer on a small screen netbook but then otherwise this one packs a lot of features, weight based clickable tag clouds! now that’s a first I have seen and then are other features like: categories, formatting of text, inserting pictures, search, automatic save, backup, templates and export diary to other formats..wew!


4> Monodiary

Another Simple diary application in tow, am not sure what features has, frankly I never got a binary to test it, but in case you want to compile it, sure go ahead and then drop back a line back in the comments.

5> Gnutu

This one is “technically” not the kind of diary I wanted to review but hell you could use it anyway you’d want. It’s basically meant for students to record their daily schedule and events of school. Precisely this is what they have to offer…

GNUTU is designed for students from primary and secondary schools – using it, you can note various information (like marks, tests’ dates and important school events). It also can create various statistics, calculate your average; it can also serve as a diary and many, many more…

That was my list of diary applications, do you use anything else? Drop a word back!


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