5 steps to enable the automatic log on in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista because of security reasons accessing user account automatically, without providing username and password is disabled by default. Anyway you can easily enable the automatic logon in case you are the single user of your computer.

One thing to bear mind is that if it is enabled then anyone can access your machine without facing any securities.

The 5 steps are mentioned below:

  • Open Start menu and then click on Run option.
  • In the run window you will get a blank box, in that box type netplwiz

  • Now choose the user profile in which you are willing to activate log on automatically, select that profile and then uncheck the option called “to use the computer, user must provide password and username”

  • As you click apply you will be asked to provide the password twice for confirmation.

  • Your work is done 

Now for the changes to take effect you need to reboot the system and it will never ask you for password and username to log in.

Now in case you are willing to disable this setup then follow the steps mentioned above but now check the unchecked box.


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