7 SEO tips to comply before posting your article

The most important part of Blogging is posting quality contents. A blog gets credibility from its quality content and also uniqueness. No matter how many posts you make, if your blog does not have quality content, then it doesn’t mean anything, and your website traffic will still be somewhere around zero. On other hand if you make very few posts with great quality then traffic will be on the higher side.

Sometime presentation matters, because if you don’t make your ice cream parlour look like one, then no one will stop by. Same theory applies over here. To do so you have to make sure that you have decent knowledge about SEO, because this is what that will make your Blog worth reading.

Follow the 7 tips of SEO that are being mentioned below before you post or publish your article:

  • Title of the post: this is very important. Like eyes speak the word of heart, the same way your title would provide the essence of your contents.
  • The title should relevantly speak for your article contents. This is the most important feature of SEO. Try to follow the KISS technique, Keep It Simple and Short.
  • Check grammar: People do not like to read articles that are full of grammatical errors, neither do they have they have enough time to correct them for you. If you don’t want people to read your article and increase traffic, then write whatever and however you want to, but if you would surely want the opposite. Therefore, you should decent command over your language and grammar.
  • Numbers: People like to get some accurate information and they always tend to look forward for them. Try to name your article by starting with a number because this will be good enough reason for the users to read your article. The chances of earning good from your Blog improve if it is well organized for the readers to leaf through.
  • Upload images: Sometimes it’s good to read and article with images in it. If an article contains only and only text, then it looks kind of dull and plain and doesn’t attract enough traffic. An article with great presentations, with quality stuff and images keeps the visitors attracted, and thus the traffic to your website improves. Images in article works as a charm for any Blogger.
  • Bringing in to focus: Now this is also an important step to take. Highlighting your keywords from your article will not only give it some weight-age but it also initiates great traffic. There is no rule of how to highlight your keyword so everything depends on you. You can either make it bold, underlined, italics or use some other colours to highlight your keyword.  It is a great SEO tip to follow.
  • Presentation: This is vital and crucial SEO tips. No one likes dull faces, and in the same manner, no one will be interested in reading your boring article pages after pages. That does not mean you will make words fancy. Try to make it simple and inspiring.
  • Last but not the least, Stability: Try to scrutinize and limit your topics. Do not try to write over every topic possible. Make some selections and then go about writing on them and post it. Make 10 to 20 articles on one topic than making one article on every possible topic. Try to focus and concentrate on one topic, and capture them in your article from every different angle possible. Do not forget to mention your keyword for two to three times and to highlight them.

If you think that only these 7 tips will be enough for getting high traffic and in the eye of search engines then you are wrong. These are just warm ups, but essential ones.



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