The iPhone is one of the best phones out there in the market now. But what surprises me is that not many people know the full potential of their iPhone. There are many neat, nifty features packed in your iPhone that can make your iPhone experience cooler and better. There are the usual hacks, and then, there are these top 10 iPhone hacks which you probably didn’t know about. Go ahead, give it a try. You will be surprised.

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8 iPhone Hacks You did not Know

  • Etch-a-Sketch

If you have fat fingers, you will love this one! If you made a mistake typing, or editing pictures, just shake your iPhone. The shaking should clear the screen allowing you to start again.

  • Invert Display Colors

Bedtime browser? Just invert the display colors via the accessibility panel. It is a lot easier on the eyes and you can browse without waking up your wife or kids.

Top 10 iPhone Hacks You did not Know

  • Instant AutoFocus off

Turn off (or on) autofocus with a tap. Just hold the screen in camera mode until the “AE/AF Lock” displays.

Top 10 iPhone Hacks You did not Know_

  • Use Siri to check tweets

Siri can check your tweets for you. Just ask her ‘What ABC (your name, friend’s name, a company, some feed you are following) is saying’ and you will get a list of tweets.

  • What does your iPhone know about you?

The ‘Frequent Location’ on your iPhone knows where you hang you the most. It will show them to you any time!

Top 10 iPhone Hacks You did not Know_3

  • Airplane Mode Charges your battery faster!

Switch your phone to airplane mode and your battery will charge faster!

  • See timestamps for messages

Just swipe left on the text screen to see what time you sent or received a text message.

  • Quick Access to numbers

Just hold the ‘123″ button and slide to the numbers you need. Your iPhone will revert to the original keypad.

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So, that is our list of iPhone hacks for today! Do you know any? let us know in the comments below!


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