Gos operating system is a Linux distribution designed by “Good OS LLC”, a company based in Los Angeles. The system is based on the principle of cloud computing. Most of the versions of this system are generated from Web 2.0 and AJAX technology so that it does not occupy much of the space in the hard disc. You can have the complete Gos-1 system installed within a memory range of 2 GB.

The documents generated via Gos, for example, Google documents can be easily saved on the Google servers. This saves your hard disk from getting populated unnecessarily. In the version, gos V2 Rocket, the inherent Google Gear technology can enable users to work with Google’s web applications, regardless of their computer’s connection with the internet. Most of the versions of this system support Google document as well as Google reader.

This system is equipped with most of the features and software that are normally used by users on a daily basis. Some of its features include browser, office tools, music player, movie player, email and instant messaging. Most of the Gos systems are GUI based with a user friendly interface. Users also avail of other most used applications like Gmail, Gtalk, Maps, Calendar, spreadsheets and calendar.

Some of the most popular versions are gos 1.0.1, gos 2-beta, gos V2 Rocket, gos 2.9 M Space et al. Now that the most popular operating system, Windows, has been a constant target of hackers and viruses, gos operating system has gained immense popularity for the stringent security checks it offers its users.

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  1. Ohh, At first sight I thought GOS was owned by Google and then your article made my thoughts clear ; Its “Good OS LLC” . lolz


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