Third party applications on internet were never popular due to various reasons, prominent among them being lack of interoperability and connectivity. The users stuck to individual programs which performed their functions well and supported an interface for connection to other programs. SeaMonkey is an attempt to define a comprehensive suite of internet applications.

SeaMonkey is a powerful internet application suite comprising newsgroup client, web browser, email client, IRC chat client and HTML authoring tool. Some of the programs in the suite such as the browser and the email client are as powerful as the standalone versions available in the market. The combination is simple to use but capable enough to handle powerful tasks like CSS, tables and layers.

The components of the suite itself have a lot of useful features which can be enhanced by large number of plug-ins available for various supporting functions. The interface is configurable and the appearance can be customized according to what you think is right. The suite provides a stable, fast and secure browser and the average internet users love the flexibility it provides.

The suite provides menu options and the keyboard shortcuts to move from one application to another. It uses less memory and thus does not strain the resources too much.

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