FreeFixer is an anti-spyware application that helps users to safely eliminate unwanted software and applications in their system. It effectively rids your system of viruses, rootkits, spyware, adware, Trojans etc. This application conducts a thorough scan to target the locations of traces of malware in your system. It scans locations like home page settings, start-up menu, control panel settings, internet explorer, host files, plug-ins etc.

This application does not have the potency to differentiate the harmful files from the useful ones. It will display you a list of all the items installed in your system. You will have to give a thorough look to this list and then delete the unwanted applications. Be careful while deleting the files, lest you accidentally delete a file integral to your system’s performance. In case, you are not sure about a particular file, you can send it to freefixer’s official website, This site will scan the file and send across all its details to you. Once you select the files for deletion, this software will reboot your system and permanently delete all the unwanted applications.

It will save your system from these infected applications right before you launch your Windows again.
This tool locates the critical errors that make your files inaccessible. You can send this inaccessible file to This site will identify the perpetuating errors in your defected application and fix the problem. This application is extremely easy to use. You do not require the installation of any other software to access its features.

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  1. I downloaded this software for my system and it’s really awesome, as well as very useful for me. It can remove unwanted software from the system and make it virus free computer.. It’s working great, and easy to access it..


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