It so happens that sometimes your computer takes a long rest, taking you also for a ride because of its high service. You can actually stop this by ending the application/program through the TASK MANAGER. The task manager’s job is to end Window process, although higher level of programs are taken care of by the Kill Process utility.

This Kill Process is a freeware Task Manager Alternative to help end Windows program or any other program that you wish to get rid of instantly. This not only ends the multi kill option but also terminates many Windows applications simultaneously. Kill Process can set up Svchost process, help you scan any Windows process and end them with just a few clicks. Similar to all other well equipped Task manager made for Windows, it can be suited for all Windows XP, Windows Vista users and can freely download Kill Process to end unnecessary programs effortlessly.


  1. I bought a computer with Norton Anti-virus already installed. I’m finding it difficult to remove entirely from the computer. Does Kill Process remove this type of software?


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