Panorama is basically a wide and clearer view of a drawing, painting, film, video or a three dimensional creative form. A panoramic picture can be framed by integrating multiple images into one single wide photograph. You can further create such a picture by overlapping varied photographs to form a large frame of one picture. This, however, can be done via the specialized features of a software called Picture Viewer. Users can even use the features of the application compose editor in Microsoft for the same purpose. Compose editor can further help you stitch panoramas.

Picture viewer is an excellent software that aids you to view panoramic photographs in their best clarity and resolution. It is an immense utility tool that helps you view the panoramic images at utmost convenience. All you need to do is scroll horizontally and vertically to get a better view of such pictures. It allows you to scroll at 360 degrees so that you don’t miss viewing any portion of the image. Further, this tool gives you an easy option to scroll your images back and forth in case your pictures are non 360 degrees. One of the most striking features of this software is that it supports multiple monitors. This means that you can scroll the same image in more than one monitor at the same time.

What’s more? Picture viewer offers you a feature to view your images in a mini slide show. It is supported by scroll speed enhancement feature. This feature allows you to thoroughly view your pictures at a higher speed.

[ Picture Viewer For Panoramas ]


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