Spresent is a potent presentation tool that helps users to create flash based presentations. It is a freeware alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. With this application you can easily create online presentations and further share them with your friends. Spresent makes it easy for you to publish your final presentation on your desktop or put it on display on your blog or website.

This application offers almost all the standard features offered by Microsoft PowerPoint. Some of the common features are slides, tables, bullets, charts etc. However, with Spresent, users also get the advantage of some unique features that helps you create innovative presentations. These features include, HTML page, features to display presentations on website, wiki, blog and forums.

This multi-utility application provides some of the most unique features to enhance the quality of your presentation. It allows you to add audio files, drawings, geometrical shapes, clip art animation, tables and charts to enhance the visual as well as audio quality of the presentation. You can further easily share your online presentation by forwarding its URL address to your peers and colleagues. Else, you can also embed your presentation on your profile at varied social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo etc. It offers immense compatibility with the majority of browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox etc.

To optimize the benefits of this application, all you need to do is visit the site. Next, create a free account and start accessing the features of this application. All your presentations will be saved in Spresent.com.

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