RunScanner is a freeware utility tool that thoroughly scans your window to check the functioning of all the running programs. It scans all the configuration of the programs running in your system. It thoroughly analyses all the auto-start locations and alerts you on the miss-configurations. This allows the users to permanently delete all the miss-configured items and malware from their system.

This is one of the most powerful tools to detect the presence of malware, virus, spyware or other unwanted software in your system. All you need to do is install RunScanner and RUN this software whenever you want to conduct a scan. For the ease of the users, RunScanner comes in three varied modes. The beginner mode is loaded with an extremely easy to use interface. Novice users can easily conduct a scan and eliminate the malware from their system without any hassles.

Classic mode has been specially designed to display just the non-whitelist items. Its primary usage is to delete the unwanted software installed in your system. Last, Expert mode is the most advanced modes of the three modes. It is loaded with high-tech features like tweaks, scanning, reporting, filtering, delete etc. It is well equipped to locate more than 120 hijack locations within a fraction of few seconds.

This software also has the provision to import and export your results. This allows you to share your results with other online users. The tool is equipped to check 74 hijack locations at a go. It can further kill multiple processes at the same time. You can also kill and delete or rename the file as per your requirement.

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