A Guide To Insert Images To Your GMAIL Messages

Inserting Images to a message in GMAIL was a very tedious earlier in the past. In order to ease this activity, Google has added a new feature named Gmail Lab feature to google mail, which helps in inserting images while composing a mail. Now adding images to your message is made simpler.

Google mail user’s need to just follow a set of steps and get this feature activated to expedite the Inserting Images feature while composing a mail.

The few steps to be followed are:

  • Sign in to your Google mail.
  • After signing into google mail navigate on top through settings option which is in the right hand side corner of your screen.
  • Now select the Labs option.
  • Here, you can select an option called as Inserting Images.

  • Under “Inserting Images” check on the enable radio button to get this feature started.
  • Great! Now this feature is successfully enabled.

Excellent, here after each time you try to compose a mail you find an option to help you in inserting images on Google mail toolbar.



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