A Hack To Modify Background Image In Windows Media Player 12

Windows 7 operating system is equipped with version 12 of windows media player. The primary characteristic of wmp12 media player is the gui, graphical user interface. This new gui is embellished well, giving a new look and feel to windows media player.

The wmp12 player does not support “now playing” button. A complete screen which is adjustable according to the media size is dedicated to the “now playing” option. It also supports a playback purview with controls for playback.

Another good feature of windows media player 12 is the varied media formats it supports such as Xvis, H.264, Divx and AAC. It also summates a view specifically designed for management of a library directly from “now playing” window. This library allows a user to handle all the media such as video, music, playlist, recorded TV, playlists, radio stations and many more.

The library purview offers a user to utilize and display an image in the background. This wmp12 player also supports many default images for background. As a user if you are not satisfied with the present background, then you can change it by hacking the registry. Simply follow the steps to hack the registry, so as to change the image in the background with a new image.

Steps to change a background image of a library in the media player:

  • Run Regedit in your computer.
  • Browse and locate the below key in the registry:


  • Change the value of the registry in the right pane by locating a 32 bit dword “reg_dword” registry named as librarybackgroundimage.

  • The librarybackgroundimage registry is evaluated as 6 by default. Now modify this value to a new numeral to display a new image in the background.

Values that are valid are ranged between 0 and 6 representing six different images for your background. A zero value represents no image in the background.

  • Now save the changes and exit from regedit. Restart your wmp12 media player to display a new image in the background.

All new images for background are stored in a system file called “Wmploc.dll”. A user will not have to hack the system file again to obtain a new image on the media player.


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