VirtualStudio is a stand-alone photo-editor that can easily run virtualphotographer and other plug-in filters. This tool helps you create pictures that match professional standards. It is immensely loaded with creative photo-editing tools that help you produce impeccable pictures. You can easily fine tune your regular looking pictures by fixing their features like sharpness, gamma, brightness, curves, color balance, white balance etc. It features a tremendous feature called red eye removal. This feature helps you increase the resolution of your image and makes it more crystal clear.

VirtualStudio is a lot more than a mere photo retouch tool. It has a comprehensive collection of more than 30 photo frames used for enhancing the appeal of your picture. Further, this application is loaded with 8-bit Photoshop Plug-in Filter. This filter is called Virtual Photographer. This tool is immensely compatible with image applications like Photoshop CS3, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, Photo-Paint and much more.

Virtual Photographer is a great tool that offers provisions for selecting and implementing numerous layers for your editing purpose. This tool further features a tremendous pixel editing engine. This engine helps you successfully modify RGB values of pixel for better resolution. This editing software can open more than one picture for edition at the same time. That means that you can easily adjust aspects like brightness, sharpness, watermarks, frames etc of numerous pictures at the same time. In addition, it offers you unique features like feather tool, blur, noise removal, curve functionality etc. It offers you a print preview feature to view your edited image before releasing its final print out.

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