A Monitoring Tool To Keep A Check On Website Downtime

Many internet users are least affected by website downtime, but bloggers and commercial webmasters who generate revenues from websites keep a good check on this problem. As it is a matter of their bread and better, website downtime matters a lot to these bloggers and webmasters.

Website Downtime can be very hazardous to professionals. A downtime for a short interval of time leads to huge losses while one for a longer or extended period of time might lead to losing subscribers or followers. The best and effective way to reduce downtime is by monitoring it all the time. An out and out monitoring of websites will lead to a reduction of website downtime.

URL Guard, a useful and free tool helps users to keep a check on the downtime of websites and reduce it as much as possible. It is one of the numerous downtime monitoring tools, but is considered to be the best amongst the rest.

The URL Guard guards the websites’ URL and resides in the system tray. Its principle is to monitor and keep a tab on the websites defined and check whether they’re working or not. This checking of websites is completed at a regular interval of time. If any of the defined website is down, this tool will notify the user about it via a notification or an email alert.

Some of the features of this useful tool are

  • The user can add URL’s and chains directly from the interface
  • The user can easily change the default configuration settings


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