This great facility of free plugins, which is provided by wordpress, makes it a great choice for its users. It brings out dozens of plugins everyday so that wordpress can be utilized to its maximum. There is also another wp plugin – short url, which does the task of covering up your webpage links, blog posts or affiliated url.

This facilitates you to come up with other short urls for your webpage links and make a note of the traffic to your link. It also assists you to cover up the download links/files so that you simplify the visits to your page, as a download counter., is a commonly used webpage url. The problem with this url is, that it’s really long and some services (ex: Twitter) does have restrictions on the number of characters that can be sent in one tweet! If you had to otherwise post this one services like twitter, you had to take help from URL shortening services which would shorten the URL, ie give you an alternative short URL, which forwards the visitor to the actual URL when they reach the shortened URL.

Now, once you start using the short URL wordpress plugin, the URL becomes

Well doesn’t this save ton of time for you? This works out to be profitable and very easy to handle, whichever way you choose to look at it. If you are looking at turning your blog post viral via social media, or thinking o contributing short urls in your emails, then here is the right choice. Just download the link or look for plugin short url- found in your wordpress admin dashboard and set it up immediately.


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