A Trick to Assist In Opening Two or More Gmail Accounts At Once

Google mail allows every individual to create innumerable accounts catering to your mailing needs. Gmail service utilizes cookie to help them in curbing the simultaneous usage of two Google mail accounts on a system.

A cookie is always stored in the web browser when a user logs in to the account. If a user tries to open Gmail again, then the same cookie is tracked and opens directly the account. Only if you sign out of your Gmail account then you can sign in to another Google mail account.

A trick is available which will help users in bypassing the above limitation and assist in opening two or more accounts concurrently without any hassles.

To open different Google mail accounts on browsers simply follow a trick described below.

  • Open your web browser like internet explorer, Firefox, apple’s safari, Google’s chrome etc.
  • Now open your Gmail accounts separately in the browser.
  • Open different Google mail accounts in separate navigators.
  • The above method will not create any kind of problem until and unless a cookie plug-in is shared between them.
  • Following the above steps allows one to open as many Google mail accounts as possible on their system.

If you have only Firefox installed on your system and no other web browser, you can still open different accounts on Firefox itself. You have to utilize an add-on named IE Tab on Firefox to open different Gmail accounts.

The above add-on allows one to access two or more Gmail accounts from your Firefox browser without any hassles.


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