A Trick To Initiate Faster Firefox Startup

Firefox web browser sometimes consumes sufficient amount of time to open-up, load data from sites. A tweak is available which will reduce the time and accelerates the speed of the Firefox browser to open and load content from websites. This browser loads many libraries with .dll extensions, accumulates information about the various plug-in and updates them, loads this plug-ins and then initiates the browser.

Processing the operations mentioned above consumes time and a user has to wait for some stipulated time to start browsing. If a user wishes a faster startup of Firefox, then they will have to reduce the number of processes during startup.

Steps to follow to reduce the startup time of Firefox:

  • Download an executable file named “upx“.
  • Now extract this file in the installation folder of Firefox browser. This can be located usually to c:\programfiles\mozilla Firefox.
  • After extraction, close the web browser. In the installation directory of Firefox, open a command prompt. Now type-in the code provided below and press enter key on the keyboard.

For %v in (*.exe *.dll Components\*.dll Plugins\*.dll) Do UPX “c:\programfiles\mozilla firefox\%v”

  • This command will compress all the .dll library files. In future if you require them, then decompress these files by typing a code provided below and press enter.

For %v in (*.exe *.dll Components\*.dll Plugins\*.dll) Do UPX-d “c:\programfiles\mozilla Firefox\%v”

The above command will decompress your libraries on Firefox.

Compressing the .dll files in the Firefox browser results in faster uploads and startup. There are many other methods by which your browser can run faster.


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