About Gautam H N

Gautam H N 

Here’s a list of some of his current as well as previous projects :

  1. TechBuzz ( http://www.techbuzz.in)TechBuzz deals with Gadget reviews, Free open source software which are alternative to some of the best paid software, the latest buzz in technology, Microsoft Windows tips and tricks, misconception about computers and a wide range of how-to’s.

    The blog gets over 1,00,000 visitors every month, with majority users from India, US and UK.

    You can follow TechBuzz on FaceBook at : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Techbuzz-Updates/289343167284

  2. Indian Guitar Tabs ( https://www.indianguitartabs.com/chords )A dedicated forum for all music lovers and arguably the biggest resource of Guitar Tabs for all Indian songs, Indian Guitar Tabs, or IGT as it is more fondly called is another project run by Gautam.

    With over 1,00,000 registered users, and 5,00,000 visitors (half million) every month, is a platform for all guitar entusiasts to share information about their passion on a common platform.

    You can follow IndianGuitarTabs on FaceBook at : http://www.facebook.com/IndianGuitarTabs

  3. BukMark ( http://www.bukmark.net/)This project was executed during the initial phase of Social Bookmarking upsurge. The site was built from scratch using open source technologies. BukMark.net went on to be one of the most successful technology niche social bookmarking site.

    The complete stakes of the site was sold in year 2008.