JILetters is one of the most impressive tools so far that eases the process of learning English alphabets. It is an amazing open source tool that aids children to empower their grasp for English alphabets. This application basically adopts a method to differentiate phonics in terms of their different sound. This helps them learn the alphabets better because this tool focuses on teaching the phonics purely on the basis of sound. The efficiency of this method has even been applauded and recommended by the department for children, schools and families in UK.

JILetters is an interactive method for learning the alphabets. With the help of this application, children become more aware of the correct appearance and pronunciation of the various alphabets. This tool has an easy to understand interface. When you double click on its icon, you see a window containing one English alphabet. When you click on that alphabet, the second appears in a separate window. The alphabets displayed on the tool’s window are in illustrative formats to converge the attention of kids. The letter is then read aloud.

The latest version of JILetters uses cursive scripts to display the alphabets of a letter. This representation is then supported with its phonic illustration. This is the current teaching style of many schools in UK. It is one of the fastest means of learning the alphabets. This tool is not an open source software. This means that it is not available for free download. You further do not require any pre-installed software for activating this application on your system.

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