Xinorbis is potent and easy-to-use hard disk analyzer. The inbuilt powerful features such as tables, graphs and tree displays give an ease to the user to access the contents of the hard disk in details. With this application, you will be able to learn on important data like properties of folders, hard disk, network drive, removable drive, which otherwise becomes a long procedure.

This application is an immense utility tool as it makes convenient for the users to view the contents, file distribution and file composition of a directory, registry, network drive, or the complete hard disk. One of the striking feature of this application is keeping a close check on the drives and folders and consolidating them into one single report. You can now easily view the attributes of the file, right from its content type to its location to its disk space by optimizing the means of this application. The inbuilt folder history feature allows you to view the time and date of the generation of various folders. Via this application, you can easily conduct your search for a duplicate file by inserting its name or size in the search bar.

Xinorbis provides the right means to educate users on the way and the style in which their files get stored in the hard disk. This application saves all the versions of updated reports to allow the users to compare the changes made in the past. All the information on display via the means of this application can be easily subjected to size change for attaining an easy and clear viewing experience.

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