Access More Than One Gmail Account Via Cookieswap

Having multiple email accounts is no big deal in today’s world. There are a number of users who have multiple email accounts with the same email provider. The problem with this is that you cannot log into multiple accounts of the same provider simultaneously from the same machine.

There is an add-on that helps you login into multiple email accounts of the same provider simultaneously from the same computer. This add-on is presented by Firefox. Known as the CookieSwap, it helps you access multiple accounts from your PC.

The methodology or technique used by it is of swapping cookies. On swapping cookies the user can use different user name and password to log into another account while the other one is still open.


Cookies of different Gmail accounts are separately stored by the CookieSwap and it swaps cookies according to the user’s preference. Whenever the user swaps his profiles this add swaps all the cookies related to them simultaneously.

The CookieSwap add-on can also be used for other email accounts of different email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, RediffMail and lots more. Therefore, you can easily manage and access multiple accounts from the same computer and that too at the same time.


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