Access Webmail Via Zoho Mail In Offline Mode

Zoho Mail is a private beta version of the Zoho webmail application. This service provides some great features such as offline mode support and support or folders with labels, plus these features are capable of incorporating with others applications. With these feature you can access your mails when you are offline.

You have to install Google Gears in the browser (Firefox of Internet Explorer) in order to be able to use the offline mode feature in Zoho Mail. You can also select the images or attachments when you enable the offline mode.

The supports folders is one more feature of Zoho mail, which is similar to Outlook, together with labels as Gmail. The responses in chat are listed hierarchically aimed at providing the user to view a chat as well as visually seeing who replied to whom.

The Zoho Chat in Zoho Mail is integrated with some extra applications such as Zoho Docs, Zoho Business etc. The Zoho Chat is located at the base of chat window which also contains contact search form.

The Zoho Mail service is also introduced in the iPhone with which the user may login to from their iPod. When you login, you will be introduced with the mobile edition of Zoho Mail which is mainly customized for the iPod and iPhone.

Presently, you can sign up freely for Zoho Mail at website.


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