Access Windows Boot Manager Quickly By Pressing Space Bar

Windows XP users frequently use F8 key to open Window Boot Manager. Pressing the F8 key is also applicable to Windows Vista OS.

Windows Server 2008 or Vista users may still press F8 button to access the boot preferences. However, Windows Boot Manager can also be started by pressing Space Bar in Windows Vista OS.

To open the Windows Boot Manager, you just have to press space bar key as soon as the BIOS screen disappears, but before reaching the boot screen. You can then select the OS to boot or else press F8 key to open normal recovery options. When you go to boot Vista or Server 2008 setup disc, you can apply this technique successfully.

Now, this option is also integrated in the Windows 7 operating system. The Windows 7 OS allow you to press the Space Bar key when the BIOS screen disappears. On the other hand if you press F8 key during Windows 7 startup, the recovery options will be directly opened.

You can also press F10 key in Windows 7 OS to access the Edit Boot Parameters option. This “Edit Boot Parameters” is nothing but the temporary setting with which you can manage the boot settings.


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