Accessibility is a set of options that helps a user to adjust the computer to his needs.

To get to Accessibility Wizard, Narrator, Magnifier, Utility Manager and On-Screen Keyboard, follow the steps:

> Choose Start,

> All Programs (if you are using Classic Start menu then Programs),

> Accessories,

> Accessibility.

With Accessibility options you can configure your computer to be easily accessed by users who have physical disabilities, such as vision and hearing impairments. You can also modify it such that users who have difficulty using keyboard and mouse can use it comfortably.

Accessibility Options:

> Choose Start,

> Control Panel (if you have Classic Start menu then it’ll be Settings > Control Panel),

> click on Accessibility Options to open Accessibility Options Window.

When you open Accessibility Options Window. you’ll notice three main areas: See Also, Pick a Task and Pick a Control Panel Icon.

'Accessibility' In Windows XP

Under See Also you’ll find Magnifier which can be used to enlarge areas of your screen while you move your mouse and an On-Screen keyboard with the help of which you can enter text into dialogs or other software programs using a mouse.

On-Screen keyboard can also be used to enter secure data to avoid instances of key-loggers, if any present on your system, from reading all that you type.

With Pick a Task, you can adjust the color and contrast of text on your screen and also configure windows for vision, hearing and mobility needs.

Read more about pick a Control Panel icon.


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