Add BitDefender QuickScan Chrome Add-on For Advanced Security From Malware

Browsing on the web sometimes brings several kinds of malware into the system without any clue. Whenever users surf on the internet and visit to the particular websites get several pop-ups and other advertisement to click on them. Once users

click on them, enter into the unsecured websites and compromise with the security of the system from being violated. There is a Google chrome web browser plug-in named BitDefender QuickScan, which detects malware efficiently and instantly.

There are antivirus software available that can easily detect the virus and malwares. However few latest menaces and malwares could get escape from the scanning of installed antivirus system. Therefore, BitDefender QuickScan extension is imperative to be added to the chrome browser for advanced security of the complete system. The other benefit of this extension is that it doesn’t consume the much resources of your system.

It detects the each kind of malware within the fraction of time so users can take appropriate action to remove or delete the malware permanently from the system. It allows users a safe and secure surfing over the web without any difficulty. Make sure that this extension doesn’t offer virus scanning so better to install powerful antivirus software on your system.


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