Add Extra Features To Outlook Using The Taglocity 2.0

Handing emails can sometimes become very eventful, even to the professionals, especially if they have to take care of many mails in their every day function. An email managing add-in designed for Microsoft Outlook 2003 plus 2007 named as Taglocity 2.0, helps out users for efficiently handling their email.

Taglocity 2.0 offers the most excellent efficient Gmail features into e-mail client, Outlook like conversation threading, enhanced search, tags, attachment handling, automation, new group collaboration and contact centric views.

Taglocity allows users to allocate infinite keyword “tags” for contacts, email, calendar entries and so on. It has an all improved Outlook search functionality which can come very handy while looking up for any particular e-mail.

Moreover, Taglocity 2.0 also delivers one more popular Gmail characteristic to Outlook which is the accurate chat screening. With just single clicks, the emails can be sorted out sequentially. Furthermore, the software allows turning the e-mails into appointments or into specified folders, and you can automatically move message, and assign additional tags.

The free standard Taglocity version is available for free download, whereas you will need to purchase the professional version. The paid version is designed for enterprise customers and it includes extra features. You will need to first create a Taglocity account for free in order to activate the program.


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