Add Fun To Facebook With The Little Robotic Penguin

Facebook is the most common word in everyone’s dictionary these days. Be it a teenager or an elderly businessman, a school going girl or a house wife, facebook connects them all. MyDeskFriend, an adorable and cute robot penguin helps you make your networking site more interactive. This cute and adorable robot has been launched by Arimaz. It helps you add and bring a personal touch to your facebook account.

The penguin has been complimented as the “social media companion”. Users can integrate MyDeskFriend, a robot penguin into their personal Facebook profile. This robot or companion helps you communicate better with other users online. It gives alerts whenever any of your friends are online and even gives alerts for new emails, messages, pokes and other notifications.

The cute MyDeskFriend penguin carries along five different and interesting moods, and every mood is indicated by a different color of the robot’s eye. The eye turning red indicates that the penguin is angry and needs to be treated well. You need to keep playing with it to keep it in a happy and jovial mood. To make it more interactive and enjoyable other users and your friends on facebook can also play with it via a gameplay interface from Facebook.


The best part of this cute penguin is that it moves around from one place to the other on the user’s desk. They need not worry about the robot falling down as it contains inbuilt infrared sensors. These sensors prevent the penguin from falling down from a table or desk.

The only utility of this cute penguin is that adds fun to the users facebook account. Other than being interactive and fun to be with it doesn’t provide anything to its user. You can just have it as an accessory which keeps you informed about your account. The price of MyDeskFriend is $99.    



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