We usually like to visit some applications or folders a lot. To provide shortcuts for such applications or folders there is something known as the pin menu. This menu is made to create a shortcut for all those who visit a certain application often; it is available on top of the start menu. It appears as soon as you click on the start menu.

Usually you can add an application to the pin menu by simply right clicking on the application, and clicking add to pin menu. However, if we want to add a folder to the pin list, it can be done by dragging the folder to the pin menu.

If you prefer to do it by right clicking on it: Click Start button, then click on Run for Windows XP or Start Search for Windows Vista and type RegEdit.exe in the text box, then press Enter or click OK.

Create a new key named {a2a9545d-a0c2-42b4-9708-a0b2badd77c8} (including the bracket).

To create a new sub-key, right click on Context Menu Handlers, then select New -> Key..

So now when you go the folder and right click the option will appear in the menu. (This isĀ how you can add contextual menus in Windows Vista !!)

This option can also be removed, by simply deleting the key. This provides us with an easy and simple method of accessing the application we want, without leading to any waste of time. Pin list are good for both offices and entertainment of an individul.


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