Add Text String or Custom Message To System Clock On Windows Taskbar

If you are looking for the way to impress others with your Windows OS or you are in search of something tricky, which could make your system funny, then just try out this trick. You could put a message or any text exactly next to the system clock (usually where AM or PM is displayed) that is placed on Windows Taskbar. You could let your girlfriend’s or lover’s PC to show “I Love You” when he/she hovers the mouse pointer on the system tray.

With following simple hack you could append or add a message or custom texts up to 12 characters next to the system clock under the system tray.

WARNING: You have to use this trick on your own risk. By applying this trick, some of the applications that depend upon the timestamps may not function normally and they could encounter errors and problems.

Go through following extract to apply this hack in your system.

  • First open Control Panel.
  • Go to the option namely Regional and Language.
  • Go to Formats tab and under this tab, you have to click on Customize this format or Additional settings button.
  • Click on Time tab.
  • Now, here you could place your custom text massage by changing the AM and PM symbol fields. This custom massage will be displayed next to the system clock.

Note: – The changes made to AM symbol would be displayed during only AM hours (from 12 midnight to 12 noon). Similarly, the massage for PM symbol will be displayed in only PM hours.

  • Finally, hit on Apply and save the setting. The modified and customized text string would be immediately displayed next to the clock under Notification Area of Windows Taskbar.


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