Apple Music is bound to make personal collections become lost in the full streaming catalog that it boasts of. However, there are those of us who do now want their music to be streamed. My Music is still the app that would be used to organize and listen to your collection of music. Here is how Adding songs to music app in iPhone or iPad can be done.

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Adding Songs to Music App in iPhone

Adding Songs to Music App in iPhone – How To

  • Use iTunes to buy music

If you are the person who would want to listen to the latest soundtracks and songs, then what you can do is to buy them off iTunes. Once they are downloaded, the tracks will show up in the My Music catalog. Since iTunes is synced to your Apple ID, any tracks that you would have brought on another device will be available for downloading via the iCloud music library.

  • Subscribe to Apple Music

Subscribe to Apple Music and add songs to your library via the More¬†option. Select a track and tap on ‘Add to my music‘ to have it in your music app.

  • Use iTunes match

Use iTunes match to upload songs to Apple servers and access that via the My Music app any of your Apple devices

  • Upload songs manually
    • You can also upload songs manually to the My Music App manually. Here is how you can do it.
    • Connect our Apple device to your Mac via USB. Ensure that you are signed out of ‘My Music‘ App.
    • Open iTunes and select the device that shows up in the toolbar on the left of the My Music Tab.
    • Select the Music Tab in the sidebar and choose the Sync Music option.
    • You can choose to sync the entire music library or select the songs/playlists that you would want to add.
    • Select Apply to begin sync. Once that is done, you are good to go!

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So, that is it. That is how Adding Songs to Music App in iPhone or iPad is done. Do you have any other ways you use to do the same? Let us know in the comments below.


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