Are you an AdSense stats freak ? Do you check your stats every now and then ? The process of logging in is time consuming and if you consider the total amount of time spent just to login and check stats. If you use Firefox as your main browser, then there is some good news – You can use AdSense Notifier add-on which will improve your productivity by updating you with the latest stats at set interval of time.

Google Adsense notifier in the Firefox browser displays your Adsense updates on the status bar and keeps on displaying the updates automatically. Now with the Adsense notifier, the user need not frequently log in to the account to check for the updates. You will be timely notified with the latest stats on the right side of the Firefox status bar.

This saves much time for the bloggers who earlier had to frequently open their accounts to learn about the updates. The status bar on Firefox will display all the details on your earnings like total number of clicks, CTR, Ecpm, number of impressions on hourly / minutes’ basis in form of a handy and easy flowing message.

At the time of installing of Ad Sense notifier on Firefox, you will be asked on the kind of details on your Adsense earnings you would want the browser to reflect on the small portion of the window. To keep your screen neat for easy comprehension, direct the browser to display details on the number of clicks only, as, this much piece of information would be enough to keep you timely updated on your earnings.

To operate the Ad sense notifier, install the Firefox browser in your computer and then opt for Google Notifier as one of the add-on features on the Firefox browser. Last, configure the Adsense Notifier and type your existing username and password to enable a 24X7 access of your Adsense account. Now, press “Ok done” after completing the above steps. Then start accessing your Adsense updates from the Firefox status bar.

[ Download AdSense Notifier Add-On ]



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