I just casually checked my adsense account’s ‘Since Last Payment‘ option. Was surprised to see that it was pulling wrong data.

It shows me how much I’m supposed to be payed since the day my previous check was issued (in my case it was on 23rd – 245th of Aug), where as it should have been summation of my earnings from 1st of Aug.

It definitely is a technical glitch, which should get corrected by itself, sooner or later.

Other Adsense publishers, who are facing similar issue, there’s nothing to worry. Just give it some time, Google will correct it. Use your time to write more productive and useful posts, rather than worrying about you losing money, as I’m sure you’ll not lose what ever you have earned.

Btw, a quick search in Google, shows that this is quite a common problem and it gets rectified by itself:





It took longer than expected, but the so called ‘Since Last Payment’ bug has been rectified. All functions are working fine and correct time range is displayed.


  1. I noticed this myself yesterday morning about adsense showing the wrong data, I like many promptly performed a G search and noticed it has happened more than once. It has always sorted itself out in the past so no worries (hopefully). Anyway thanks for reinforcing what I already thought.


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