Advantages Folder Menu Freeware For Quicker Access

Free folder guide is a program that helps you to fetch your favorite folders on the Windows PC in a very less time. However, some people were not fully satisfied with the services provided by this software.

So to fulfill their demands, a new freeware was introduced. It has similar functionality as of free folder guide software. The name of this new freeware is Folder Menu and it provides an alternative solution to Free Folder Guide to fetch your favorite folders on your PC in no time. One of the most attractive features of this freeware is its low memory consumption while it runs in the background. All you have to do is simply install the freeware and launch its utility.

After you do this, it will remain in your system tray until you purposefully remove it. Default configuration is used by the freeware for the first time usage. This is adequate for classic handling like C: drive, recently used files, links of websites, program files and many more.

When you wish to add your favorites to the freeware, you simply need to follow few simple steps. Just go to Folder Menu and select the option Add Favorite. This will open a new wizard with which you can easily add the favorite applications to it and even add a new menu or introduce a new hotkey to the user defined functions.

This is very small software consuming only 300 KB of the hard disk space and is compatible with any of the Windows operating system.


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