The rights click option in Windows 7, will provide you access to various features. It is a rather straightforward and trouble free way for accessing these features.

In this new version right clicking on any empty area on the desktop will provide options such as ‘Screen Resolution’, ‘Gadgets’ and ‘Personalize’ in a jiffy.

The Screen resolution option lets you control the clarity of the text and images displayed on your screen. You may choose a higher resolution to make the items appearing on your screen sharper and smaller. This also means more items can be accommodated on your screen. At lower resolutions, the items appear larger.

The Gadgets option allows the user to put information like news, pictures, games etc right on the desktop. In Windows 7 theses .gadgets can be moved and resized according to user preference. On accessing the Personalize option mentioned above the user may get an extensive range of options to modify. These options include themes, background, sounds, screensaver, mouse pointers, and desktop icons.

If you right-click any icon on the Taskbar an option will appear that allows you to pin the program onto the taskbar. Similarly programs can also be unpinned from the taskbar. On right clicking the Internet Explorer icon the user can find the list of Pinned, frequently accessed websites and tasks in jump-up list. Right clicking on the Taskbar Explorer icon the user can immediately get access to the pinned and most often used folders

With these amazing right click option the window 7 does make the whole user experience a lot better. The taskbar has been tweaked and reinvented and the additional options just mentioned above do make for an interesting mix and help the user navigate through his or her system more easily.


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