Use AeroBar For Displaying Folder Name In Windows Explorer Title Bar In Windows Vista

If you have switched from Windows XP to Vista, you must have noticed a prominent difference in connection to Windows Explorer Title Bar. Anytime you open a folder in Windows XP, name of the folder is shown in the Title Bar in Windows Explorer whereas Windows Vista does not display the name of the folder in Explorer’s Title Bar.

However, if you wish to display the name of the folder in Explorer’s Title Bar in Windows Vista, you may do it by using a utility known as “AeroBar”. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Download “AeroBar” utility from the internet and save it in any folder on your local drive.
  • Double-click on the utility to execute it.
  • Now, open any folder. You will notice that the name of the folder is displayed in Explorer’s Title Bar.
  • If you wish to run this utility in your system all the time, you need to simply copy the file “AeroBar.exe” into your system’s StartUp folder.


If you wish to stop this utility from running on your system, you may open Task Manager and search for the process “AeroBar.exe” under the tab “Processes”. Select the process and click on the button “End Process” to stop it.


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