BlueTie is a leader in providing hosted e-mail and calendaring solutions. It benefits companies with its robust and extremely intuitive business class e-mail solutions. It targets its unique services to small scale and medium scale business enterprises. The key advantage of this service is that you do not pay any up-front cost to install this email server. Secondly, you do not need to maintain a huge IT staff to manage the smooth functioning of this server.

BlueTie is loaded with all the remarkable features you will find in any business class e-mail server. These features are potent search capabilities, folder management, drag and drop facilities, spell check, message filters, Rich text formatting etc. Additionally, it also gives you the provision of attaching files with a total capacity of 25 MB. Further, this service is scalable. This means that you can easily create more e-mail accounts as your business grows.

This application keeps getting upgraded as soon as the new version hits the web. This allows you to access the latest sever every time you log in to your account. In addition, this email application can be accessed from any system located in any part of the world. Since BlueTie is delivered via web, the only requisite of accessing this server is a computer connected with internet. It provides you the automatic backups of your messages, folder and attachments. It offers you lifetime retention with the advantage of unlimited data storage. This application allows the ownership of up to twenty users per account.

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