CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and it is a business system for managing interactions with potential customers, current customers, lead management, sales, marketing, and more. There are multiple CRM software systems that are offered to businesses (both large and small) however each one varies drastically in efficiency, price, and available features. One popular CRM software offered to businesses is called AIMcrm.

General information

AIMcrm is a customer relationship management software for small and medium sized businesses. There are several features for CRM programs that many CRM software products get wrong most notably the user interface, ease of use, and overall price. Let’s take a look at how AIMcrm withholds under scrutiny.

Positive features

Some great features about this program is its excellent filtering and manipulation of data. It also has tons of features pre-configured such as integrated billing, mortgage, and insurance applications. On top of that it has live support.

Negative features

There are not many negative points about this software however one small problem is the interface. While it is not overly difficult, it still takes a while to get used to mainly because there are simply so many features and incoming data.


The price is fairly inexpensive for such a powerful tool. At only $55 a month (and no extra fees), it is quite affordable however users must sign a contract for a set period of time.

Overall opinion

All in all AIMcrm is an excellent CRM software program for small and medium businesses and offers outstanding features for a small monthly fee. While the user interface might take a bit to get used to, that is simply due to all of the information and manipulation features that AIMcrm offers.

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