We already have another software which is more popular in the space crossloops competing in. Yes, I’m talking about the popular Teamviewer software which has similar features and does exactly the same what cross loop does. But it is always good to have competition, as that’s what brings out the best in each of the products, which in turn benefits the end users, and that’s us !

CrossLoop is an effective way to provide technical computer support to your friends over your computer. This application provides easy and quick way to let your colleague, friend and peers gain an easy access to your system. After the installation of your system, you will be allotted a 12 digit access code each time you initiate your computer. You have to share this number to the user you would like to gain a virtual access to your computer. Once the distant user gains access to your system, he will be able to operate all the files and applications saved in your computer.

The application enables 128-bit encrypted connection that easily supports long distance access for business personals looking for a low budget solution for their technical needs. By users, CrossLoop is tagged as one of the most efficacious remote desktop services that make it easy for multiple users to share one system. This application created by CrossLoop INC. utilizes the means of Tight VNC to offer an extremely easy-to-use interface for novice users. This application is potent enough to establish connection between the servers of two different systems of two users, even if they are located miles away from each other.

CrossLoop is effective even if either of the two systems is behind the firewall. This saves the users from the pain in facing difficulties in establishing connection between two systems by making changes in the router or firewall. This application easily encrypts the data transferred across two systems using a 128 blowfish encryption system.

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