This is quite unique as no one has tried something quite the same, maybe due to increase in costs. Yet it can be quite useful, especially if you are a person who keeps throwing your things around. The Dokker is priced at $65 only, able to support upto 12.5”cards, so a perfect match for your foot long CPU. When compared to the earlier Corsair case, the Dokker is sure a hot deal!

Thermaltake is a famous DIY Chassis brand, which is coming out with their latest top mounted HDD single bay docking station PC chassis, the all black Dokker. It can compile one 3.5” or 2.5 SATA drive as required. It gives way for fastest on-the-go data transfer without the necessity to set up a software or hardware.

The Dokker also allows great airflow with a choice of fitting upto 7 fans. A whooping 10 drives can be installed while the HDD drive bay presents an anti-vibrant design, promising a silent computing experience. For those looking for more cooling effect, the Dokker is prepared for liquid cooling setups too.

A comparatively huge mother board tray hole design assists free movement for removal/exchange of CPU coolers. Then you also have the pre-installed dust filters for the fans, mainly the dust filter beneath the PSU is easily removable and cleanable. It is equipped with just a 120mm blue LED- boasting fan at the rear end.

Thermaltake’s case is listed in Australia at present and is priced at AUD 89.10/88.3 USD. But at the Thermaltake’s store it costs $64.99. The Dokker measures 18.5×7.9×19.1 inches weighing about 13.4lbs. It also supplies three 5.25 inch and one 3.5 inch accessible drive bays. Other features are slots for USB 2.0 and HD audio; tool free installations of PC cards and storage drives; pre-installed dust filters for fan and much more.


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