Reliable Calling Sucks … yes, read my review on reliable calling and learn how bad the experience with Reliable Calling was and also their ‘Sucks to the Core’ customer service. By the way, I still haven’t heard from them even after sending them like a million emails.. !

I decided to try Airtel Call home, and this time I’ve been really happy with the package Airtel Call Home has offered so far.

No call drops.

Superior audio quality.

Instant call connection, no need to wait.

A detailed summary of who you have called and when you have called can be tracked from your account.

No – ‘Sorry not able to understand the number you have dialed’, which is a common problem I had with Reliable Calling.

Airtel call home is slightly costlier than reliable calling, but is worth every single penny.

**I’ll update this page as my experience with Airtel Cal Home progesses.

** Update **

Learn how to make cheapest calls to India from US …


  1. @Gowri – I totally agree. Customer service is one of the most important factor that drives the success of the biz. Those who understand this will thrive well in any given situation!

  2. not really sure about this..just saw the thread and clicked. But yeah, I had a similar experience with my ISP. Tata indicom, things got so frustrating by the end and then I switched over to Airtel, and its been 2 years since and Man! The small premium I pay on the plans is totally worth the hassle free service they provide. This changed my view on how important customer service is.

  3. hey did u try the no rental plan from airtel callhome. must says that’s a innovative thing from the company…imagine paying all of ur amount on rental. with the no rental plan from airtel callhome, u get so many minutes to talk to ur family back in india.

  4. i will have to agree wid u. as they say phone to bat karne k liye hota hai, so u r at least able to call ur people back home. nahi toh with the other cards, u r always flushed with auto-generated messages.


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