Heard the latest news? Amazon has devised a much simpler and easy way for its users to search and browse for its various products, as well as other retailers. Amazon, popular for its shopping features- Customer Reviews, and purchasing using 1-click Shopping and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Mobile is for iPhone and iPod users that enables faster searching compare prices; make purchases too; and also check through the other products. It has a very clear interface and gives 100% access to the running shopping lists, payments and shipping details.

All purchases done through the Amazon Mobile are linked through Amazon’s secure services, just like they are on the web. You can show from some of the worlds best retailers like Macy’s and Target.

Another cool feature is “Amazon Remembers.” You can take a photo of an object and upload it to Amazon.com. Internally Amazon tries to do an image match search and brings relevant products and if you find the product you were looking for, you can ‘Remember it’ in your account and shop at any later point.

Note: Clicking on the “Download” link will take you to iTunes App Store. You should have iTunes installed and a valid iTunes account for the download to process further.

[ Download Amazon Mobile ]


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