Why do you need a bandwidth monitor?

The internet has become the life essence of many businesses and almost every business in existence today utilizes the internet in some shape or form; whether its sending emails to clients, employees researching information, updating information, selling products, or more.

With the rise of the internet came the rise of such sites that are….well distractions for people in workplaces. If you own a business or have employees working for you, catching them slacking off while using Facebook or watching YouTube videos is probably a massive pet peeve for you. But how do you prevent them from doing these activities when you are not around?

Thankfully all computers connect to the same internet and this can then be monitored by tools called bandwidth monitors. Bandwidth monitors are essential for business owners and allow them to ensure their business is running at maximum efficiency.

What exactly do these monitors do?

Bandwidth monitors are not just for ensuring miscellaneous sites are not visited, but they also provide security and data analysis to ensure that other areas of the network are made efficient.

With online threats abundant, it is important for businesses that utilize the internet to protect themselves against DNS attacks. A successful DNS attack could shut down a network for days and cause countless hours of work and lost profits.

Additionally bandwidth monitors allow successful analysis of traffic and internet usage. As many businesses are bound by tight (and expensive) bandwidth constraints, making the most out of what they have is essential – and a main reason why many utilize bandwidth monitors.

Bandwidth monitor features: traffic reporting, extracting user information, traffic analysis, traffic monitoring, and more!

How much do bandwidth monitoring tools cost?

Now that you see how essential bandwidth monitors are, the question you are probably wondering is how much these monitors cost. First off, as with most programs, you can find free programs and then you can find paid ones. There are pro’s and con’s to each however finding the right one can be a difficult task. Below are a few bandwidth monitors with a few of their key features.

Bandwidth Monitor Pro
Price: Free for 30 days.
Key features: This program has an easy to use interface that allows you to quickly set it up and customize the settings. There are notifications that will alert you of a multitude of things and it is great for IT professionals and business owners.

Download Bandwidth Monitor Pro.

Rokario Lite
Price: free
Key Features: This is the free version of a paid version described below. It has several great features such as customizable elements, real-time updates, helpful graphs, a theme designer, and more.

Download Rokario Lite.

Rokario Professional
Price: £9.75
Key Features: This paid version has all of the features as the free version and much more. With programmable notifications, HTTP and Data server broadcast, customizable web output, log functions, click through mode, and more, it really makes up for the small cost with its functionality.

Download Rokario Professional.


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