I’m not sure if there’s another update from Google waiting round the corner. For last few days I’m tracking the performance of selected few posts, which normally perform well and drive traffic to the blog. I’m tracking the performance of these posts on http://www.google.co.in (that’s geo-speific search) and on http://www.google.com (global search) and have noticed some interesting facts.

Google Constantly Updates It’s Algorithm On Daily Basis:

I’ve always read about it, heard from other bloggers and internet marketers that Google constantly updates its algorithm. After tracking some of my best performing posts, it’s quite evident that what I’ve heard is true ! The rankings of the said posts have been constantly changing their positions in Search Engines.

Another Panda Update?

Nothing can be said about if there’s another Panda update waiting around the corner. It seems like I’m not the only one who’s been affected by the constantly changing Google’s Algorithm. I hope it won’t be as harsh as it was last time around, as we are still working to get out of the previous hit (yes, we’ve been having some tough times since last couple of weeks/months), and another blow will be hard for us to cope up with.

We are trying to over come the Panda effect by concentrating on quality content. Hope all the hard work pays off in long run.

I Think Panda Is Hunting Me, What Should I Do?

Some links that’ll help you understand what Panda update is all about and how to solve it:

Read what is Google Panda update on Webpronews and Wired. If you too were hit by the Panda, then these suggestions should help you overcome the problem.


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