ClamWin is Antivirus software available on Windows platform. It has features such as high rate of detection, automatic download of virus databases, scheduler and a facility to protect Microsoft outlook. The software as such does not have real time scanning facility, but together with Winpooch the software makes a potent combination.

ClamWin has a portable version which can be carried in USB flash drive, iPod or portable hard disk so that it can be used in any computer anywhere. ClamWin is Open source software which means that it can be freely downloaded and used. The user community worldwide provides the support for the new user and the feature updates happen very frequently.

ClamWin is much more effective in detecting viruses as compared to many commercially available antivirus software programs. One drawback is the speed of operation which seems to be on the slower side as compared to other programs.

Despite its ability to detect and isolate suspicious files in a proactive manner, ClamWin hasn’t become as popular as many of the commercially available software. The requirement to use another program for real time scanning is one reason, the other being the speed while the portability is an absolute plus. Once the software matures, it will become a real force to reckon with in the antivirus market space.

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