Mirage labs present their launch the Flexicorder – video recording app meant for the iPhone with the help of which you can re-live all your videos. The app allows for the usage of both the front and back cameras [iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G] while in recording. Now this is something that will be extremely useful for video lovers and people who use popular social networking sites. It can also be handy for shooting your own videos or outdoor shoots.

Depending on the fluctuating output resolutions and bit rates, users can store their videos. A common problem with iPhones is however shortage of storage space, mainly because of the heavy usage of video recording in iPhones. And by using this app, this problem can be easily sorted out, as it allows users to fit the recordings into something that saves space while retaining the video quality.

It was Mirage Labs, who had earlier come out with the Videopix [iPhone’s first video fame grabber]and Video Zoom [iPhone’s first video zoom]. Looking at the earlier success story, Flexicorder  id not banking on video fans to make it a grand success. Costing $0.99 the app is coming out with language support basically for US, English and Japenese can be easily obtained from any App store throughout the world.

This app gives more options than the native video recorder and can easily reverse the cameras [front or aback] even during recording. Not all videos are important enough to be saved. This app enables you to save only what is necessary.


* Switch between front and back camera even while recording [iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G].
* Choose between 16.9 or 4.3 aspect radio on any device.
* Tap-to-focus, flash, camera, switch controls.
* High reliability. If the app is interrupted while shooting, the recorder video would be saved automatically when the app is launched the next time.

Download Flexicorder [iTunes Link]

Watch Flexicorder in action:


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