News is fast spreading that Apple is seriously considering the second generation iPad-the iPad 2, to be launched by December this year. Probably then Apple will need to move away from the 1-year refresh cycle. This news has created a lot of positive reactions from people. The absence of a web camera, however may not be accepted very well.

Taking their hint from Apple, Samsung released its Galaxy tabs, with the promise of availability at around the same time. It comes equipped with front and back cameras for video calls and pictures. In addition to this, the Chinese manufacturers, CTL, announced their product 2goPad SL10, as a strong competitor to Apple iPad. This model too comes with a webcam, and exhibited graphics, and Flash video support.

Before that , it was Dell who made heads turn through its Atom-powered Inspiron Duo with its unique functions. They have directly pointed out at Apple’s iPad commenting ‘although tablets are a great source of entertainment, they are not very supportive of productivity.

Looking at all this, you can definitely conclude that competition is really at the top of the list. Therefore it is but natural if Apple wants to adorn its product a bit more. Hence they planned on the FaceTime support. In fact, it would be very interesting to note the responses that come along, in the most of the first generation devices. More time in the market is iPad’s plus point.

FaceTime has been given to a standards body as an informational draft, but Apple exercises total hold over it even now, and have never opinioned about sharing control. FaceTime is the name given to the software which along with iPad 2 needs to support video chatting as well as calling. Hence FaceTime cannot be opened as HTML, and is believed to go along with Flash runtime, which others can only practice but not contribute.

But it still remains a mystery whether first generation iPad users would willingly give up their models for the new iPad2. Because if this happens, there would be plenty of second hand first generation iPads selling like hot cakes for a very low price. Even that would work in Apple’s favour as it would still bring in iTunes, iBooks and App Store cash.

Soon we’ll put up pictures, review and price rage of Apple iPod 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. We’ll also let you know where you can buy the product in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kokatta and other places in India.


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    Should have a good camera.

    Pls help & suggest.

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