The Apple Company has always maintained a strong hold over its devices and apps. People have always craved for a white iPhone, but for various reasons, it was not released by Apple. Some said that the delay was due to ill-matched shades of white on the home button and the front face plate, while others said that the white case ruined the device’s camera. Yet another group felt that the white iPhone may never be released at all. But these are just rumors which need to be seen.

But here is some shocking news! Suddenly, a clever child with smart brains from Queens New York, enter that scene to do a great work of furnishing people who are craving for the white iPhone 4. The result is that along with providing what people want, he has managed to make $130,000 for himself. True Apple is over cautious of its devices, but somewhere or other a tiny loophole escapes and smart kids like this takes full advantage of it.

He has contact with some employees at Foxconn- the manufacturers of cases for Apple. It was from them that he was able to get various components for the conversion kits for the white iPhone 4. He succeeded in selling these converted phones at the same time earned $130,000 for his efforts even before Apple could track him down. Now he claims to be accused by an investigator of selling stolen property. This 17-year old boy who has been saving money for his college fees in the fall says that he received a mail from a private investigator who accused him of selling stolen goods.

He also claims that there are other sellers online, yet he has been targeted, may be to bring fear in him! The punishment may be severe like a huge fine and even imprisonment, or chances that he looses everything he has gained, but he has opened a new direction to another method to obtain the white iPhones. And it can be not only white, but any other colour the user chooses, probably studded with precious stones too, it you can afford sky-high prices. Although it is sad that this boy has to pay a heavy price for his mischief, yet he has shown the guts that it is a possible task.

The plot is getting more interesting with news of availability of white unlocked models priced at $20,000 and white models running Windows 7 too. All the while, Apple is totally relaxed letting rumors take shape while people still rant and rave for the white model. This brings a doubt if the same craze would be there if all iPhones were to be designed white and people wished for a black one and it would not be available! Is there an end to this juicy gossip?

Well, coming back to the story of the boy, who now holds his own site, says he has no ideas of shutting down his site and presumes to appoint a lawyer to fight his case. The great longing for the white iPhone 4 among Apple fans and the unnecessary delay in its release which has been compared to the hunt for the legendary white whale, is what probably led 17 year old Fei Lam high school senior and gadget nerd to get into this scam. When he looked up at tips to purchase iPhone 4 parts, he grabbed the opportunity to cherish his dream which was also his passion for electronics. That led him to make some fast bucks! Able to speak Chinese well, Lam was successful in connecting with Apple’s infamous overseas supplier, he told The New York Observer through email!



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